Unique lodging in the UK, looks like a giant pig!

HOTEL / 13 September, 2019

Airbnb hotels often introduce a variety of special and interesting properties. This matter makes Airbnb at this time preferred by earth tourists than conventional lodging. PUSATBOLA

Well, the one that deserves you to try is the Airbnb hotel in the form of a giant red-patterned pig made from jamb.

Interpreted as the best design, this giant pig with a portable attitude will eventually be able to take it wherever you want. In it also has been equipped with everything you need for your era of residence.

In fact, this pig property is made to commemorate the latest version of the Orchard Pig beverage brand. So, when you stay there, you also have the chance to taste the latest young-colored drink.

“Everyone is fond of the feeling of the countryside, but we know it is not always easy to reach, and the knowledge of camping at school is not always sparkly,” said Rhona Fyfe, Brand Manager of Orchard Pig, Metro quoted.

That’s why, continued Rhona, the group changed glamping to glamPIG, to bring the agricultural atmosphere to wherever you want, complete with sleeping bags, facilities, and of course, a Orchard Pig drink to relieve your thirst.

There are 2 beds in the room that hold up to 12 people that you can charter to make part to coincide with on this special summer.

How, lured to stay at this special hotel in the form of a giant pig? “We vowed that you do not want to have time to deal with such matters.