Still Confused Why Hotels That Use Stars, Here’s A Brief Explanation!

Best Hotel / 5 May, 2020

Still Confused Why Hotels That Use Stars, Here's A Brief Explanation!

Still Confused Why Hotels That Use Stars, Here’s A Brief Explanation! – The holiday season has come. It’s time we go for a walk and refreshing so the brain and mind get refreshed. Want a vacation to nature, cultural tourism or just a walk around the city was not a problem. What is important when the holiday season arrives, you break from the boring routine and go for a moment to unwind. Now when it comes to holidays, it seems that it cannot be separated from the case of a hotel or inn. Let your vacation be perfect, the choice of place to stay also can not be careless.

Of course it is also important to adjust your choice of hotel to the budget you have, so that later you won’t regret it for a long time. For those who want to save money, budget hotels or even stars don’t matter. The new pay and want all swim, maybe a 4-star hotel could be an occasional choice. Today’s hotel choices are endless. Even there is a 7 star hotel, for you who have a wealth of up to 7 derivatives.

But what do the hotel stars actually mean? Here for those who are curious, Hipwee has made a brief summary.

The first to do a star-rated hotel rating system was the famous magazine Forbes Travel Guide in 1958. Because there was no international agreement, there are now many versions.
Hotel rating organization
Many organizations or countries have their own rating systems via

Not only movies on IMDB that have ratings. The hotel also has a rating classification that groups hotels into several classes. Now in the world of hospitality which first sparked the 1-5 star system was the magazine Forbes Travel Guide in 1958. This system then became popular until it was followed by many circles, both the state government and institutions in the tourism industry. In Indonesia, the hotel rating system at the national level is regulated by the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association or PRHI

Until now there has been no agreement or international standards regarding the hotel rating system. But although it varies, in general all rating systems use a scale of 1 to 5 to describe the quality of a hotel. From service, food, cleanliness, complete facilities, to the proximity of the location to the tourist destination, enter the assessment criteria. The more qualities you have, the more stars.

In Indonesia, hotels that cannot meet 1-star requirements are called “jasmine” hotels. But even among jasmine hotels there was still a division of classes
Depending on the number of rooms via

In Indonesia, hotels that have not been able to enter the star system version of the PHRI which are reviewed every three years are called ‘jasmine’ hotels. The origin of the name jasmine itself does not know its origin. Usually jasmine hotels only have basic facilities such as air conditioning, private bathrooms, and reception desks. This jasmine hotel is divided into three classes namely jasmine I, II, and III. The division is based on the number of rooms owned.

Melati I must have at least 5 rooms, 10 rooms for class II, and 15 rooms for class III. Even though it only has basic facilities, it does not mean that jasmine hotels are uncomfortable. Many jasmine hotels are also clean and well-maintained. You don’t need to be proud if you only need sleep, a budget hotel can be your choice.

1-star hotels also only have standard facilities, but there is a restaurant of its own
Have a hotel permit
Have a 1 star hotel rating via

The second choice of young travelers and students usually fall on this one-star hotel. The manager is usually the direct owner. Not from business organizations or corporations. With a minimum number of rooms, 15 rooms are equipped with an en suite bathroom. 1-star hotels may vary slightly from Jasmine III hotels, but one feature that distinguishes it might be whether there is a restaurant in the hotel. Well for those who want to have a choice of dining in a hotel, maybe you should upgrade to a 1-star hotel.

A 2-star hotel is required to have suite rooms, so that guests have a choice of different rooms
One of two star hotels in Nepal
One of the two star hotels in Nepal via

1-star and 2-star hotels have quite a difference. Besides the minimum number of rooms must be 20, to get the status of a 2-star hotel must have a suite room. Therefore, guests begin to have a choice of rooms in 2-star hotels. Also in the room there must also be air conditioning, tv and telephone equipment. The facilities are OK, right?

3 star hotel
Neh family favorite ~
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To be called a 3-star hotel, there are several criteria that must be met. One of them is the location that must be close to the highway. Because it’s usually a 3-star hotel so family choices while on vacation together. With a minimum number of standard rooms