Potato Hotel Appearance, A Unique Overnight Place

Residence / 13 September, 2019

Potatoes that were invited to the tour were said to be put as an extension, but Kristie had a cooler idea by juggling it into a penginapan. While the outside has not been changed at all, the bidang dalamnya of the penginapan is done entirely by Kristie. Potatoes are certainly not a food ingredient that is foreign to the ear. Usually created into many dishes, what if this material instead becomes a place to spend the night? Yes, one overnight place for rent on Airbnb allows you to feel the night in a giant potato. KWITANGKOST

Starting from the participation of the pemilik, Kristie Wolfe, promoting for the Idaho Potato Commission, the idea of making the Potato Penginapan emerged.” I was a spokesman World Health Organization traveled with six tons of potatoes in the truck for two seasons in 2013 and 2014,” he said as reported by Bored Panda.