Kemenparekraf Provide Transportation and Hotels for Health Workers

HOTEL / 8 May, 2020

Kemenparekraf Provide Transportation and Hotels for Health Workers

Kemenparekraf Provide Transportation and Hotels for Health Workers

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Tourism and Creative Economy Agency cooperates with the tourism and hospitality industry to provide transportation and lodging facilities for health workers in one of the referral hospitals handling COVID-19 in Jakarta.
Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy / Head of Tourism and Creative Economy Agency Wishnutama Kusubandio said the facility was intended for 154 health workers from the Navy Hospital Dr. Mintoharjo, which is one of the government referral hospitals in handling COVID-19. The health workers will occupy 77 rooms at Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta.

“Cooperation with the tourism industry is one of the humanitarian missions. In addition to supporting the hotel industry to stay alive. Because all parties must work together to face this pandemic,” he said in a written statement on Wednesday (6/5/2020).

Not only accommodations, Wishnu said, facilities and supporting needs for health workers during the stay were also prepared. Starting from laundry for clothes, food, and transportation services with Grab was also provided every day for health workers from RSAL Dr. Mintoharjo.

“We continue to facilitate requests from hospitals to provide accommodation for health workers. This step is tantamount to real efforts to implement programs that are safety nets for the tourism sector and the creative economy,” he said.

He also explained that through this program not only facilitated health workers, but also helped workers, hotel entrepreneurs, and transportation businesses. Especially for direct workers or indirect workers of the hotel, as well as additional absorption of other workers such as transportation and food providers.

For information, Wishnutama has also formalized cooperation with Grab Indonesia in providing transportation facilities for health workers at the Navy Hospital (RSAL) Mintohardjo. Grab Indonesia will provide a special 4-wheel fleet service for medical personnel traveling between RSAL Mintohardjo and Le Meridien Hotel.

“We really appreciate the support from various tourism stakeholders who are getting bigger and bigger, not only jointly trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but also the resilience of the industry,” he said.

He emphasized that this cooperation is one of the efforts to maintain the resilience of the tourism industry including the drivers, where Grab Indonesia has so far played a role in providing alternative transportation for tourists.

In this collaboration Wishnutama said that the application of Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) that can guarantee the cleanliness and safety of passengers as well as the driver’s partner must be lived. Wishnutama also assessed that Grab Indonesia had prepared the SOP well.

“We believe this collaboration can provide security for the mobility of medical staff and the people who need it during this pandemic and in the future support the Indonesian tourism industry to rise again,” he concluded