Idulfitri, Lahar View Lodge “Mount Bromo” Lodge Invaded by Travelers

Best Hotel / 2 May, 2020

Idulfitri, Lahar View Lodge "Mount Bromo" Lodge Invaded by Travelers

Idulfitri, Lahar View Lodge “Mount Bromo” Lodge Invaded by Travelers – The surge of tourists in the Mount Bromo National Courtyard area, Probolinggo, East Java, results in lodging hotel services. One of them, Lahar View Lodge with a capacity of 31 rooms is in the zone of the excursion area.

“This year the occupancy of lodging travelers who charter rooms for stays increases by up to 95 percent,” said Lahar View Lodge Lodging Operations Manager, Achmadi Utomo, Sunday (26 or 8 or 2012) nights.

The increase in tourists, for him, is populated by tenants who go in, with the number generally close to 50 percent of domestic tourists and 50 percent of foreign tourists. Sort of, French, Dutch and German. Some large domestic tourists start from Kalimantan, Ambon and Sumatra.

By way of business, for Momo, the friendly call of the Lahar View Lodge Lodging Operations Manager, the market has indeed been created. This is proven in one year reaching 60 percent. Because, the attention of tourists themselves to the Mount Bromo National Park is divided into special periods.

“The types of tourists that have been created are the Low Seassion Rate (small level) from January to April 20 percent, the Hight Sessioan rate from May to September 70-85 percent and the Peak Session Rate (peak visits) from October to December almost like 70-80 percent, “he added.

Other lodging areas near the Mount Bromo National Page zone, he continued, also face similar matters such as Bromo Cantik Lodging, Pin Bagus Bagus lodging, Java Banana Lodging and Yoschi Lodging. All types of accommodation are categorized as jasmine in a capacity of 50 rooms with each facility