COVID-19 Have an Impact To Hotel Company

HOTEL / 20 May, 2020

COVID-19 Have an Impact To Hotel Company

COVID-19 Have an Impact To Hotel Company – The enormous online flight and lodge reserving sites Agoda will lay off 25 percent of its staff in 30 countries. That means 1,500 employees will be affected.
Quoting Skift, Agoda’s CEO, John Brown, promised that the termination of employment was the first and last step taken by his company to decrease the affect of the Corona virus on company cash.

“Today, we announce the need to make improved financial savings to make sure that Agoda can conquer this quandary and prepare for the long term. We need to resize and reshape the team to adapt to what the journey will look like in the future, and this means that we “has made a very difficult decision to cut our existing team to 1,500 employees,” Brown said.

Brown further that he had tried to hold staff as long as possible, first by chopping business costs.

Brown even did not take his revenue till the end of this year. But the Corona virus has a more severe and longer-lasting affect than predicted. The statement of the layoff was conveyed by Brown in a virtual meeting with the workers.

“Reduction of employees occurs most frequently in the CEG (Customer Experience Group) team but also those who work in IT, products, finance, partner services, marketing and Rocketmiles,” he noted when asked which employees were most affected by layoffs.

In addition to employee cuts, Agoda will cut the salaries of all senior leadership by 20 percent starting June 1.

The 1,500 workers cuts in 30 countries are certainly quite large, but Brown referred to this would be the only step taken by the company to prevent Staff worries remaining.

“Before taking this decision, we took competitive steps and possibilities to decrease prices all the way through the business. Slicing workers will continuously be the last Hotel, but we have to make this very difficult decision. The actuality is that while we see some indications Healing in our core markets in the Asia-Pacific, the affect of Covid-19 on the travel enterprise is deeper and will be longer than we imagined,” he said.

Brown out of the ordinary that the company is at present trying to innovate products that will provide flexibility.

This new product was issued by Agoda in reaction to customer wishes for a wider, bendy reserving solution.

Agoda provides 2.6 million homes in 2 hundred countries and areas Everywhere. Last year, Agoda additional flight products and programs to intention make travel Less complicated.